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inTalk with … Joelize Friedrichs, Brazilian crop duster pilot

Tatjana Christelbauer inTalk
ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy

Photo: Joelize Friedrichs, photo credit: Anderson Artmann

ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy F*Air-initiative[1] aspiring to contribute to the realisation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the objectives outlined in the UN Security Council Resolution SCR1325 spotlighting on gender equality by enlarging opportunities for women to engage in peace and security decision making through art projects, media promotion of activities and interviews with female professionals from the field of aviation, agriculture, art, technology, fashion, media and beyond.

Connecting Air Powers for better future


ACD-Agency for Cultural DiplomacyTeam have started the F*Air initiative to support the current global developments toward maintenance of peace and security in believe that peaceability does not relate to specific gender role and that equal opportunities for women, that are underrepresented in this field must be improved, in order to unify all capacities and share the role and position in peace and security decision making.

Furthermore, Cultural Diplomacy activities in the practice of the civil society organisations with professionals from art may connect with actors from various fields ranging from military, to agriculture, fashion, media, art and beyond, to share and to exchange their visions, experiences and to enhance capacity building for sustainable development at all levels.

By inTalk sessions format ACD-is aspiring to bring female professionals from across world and spotlight on best practices and examples for young generation, thus to build evident base for further activities and development of partnerships. One of the fields, where women are still underrepresented is the field of aviation. Beside of the civilian airlines and military, there is a great potential in the field of agriculture for decision making positions and leading roles. Agricultural piloting serves beyond its initial function also for humanitarian purposes. In this field, the transformation of the war-oriented economies may find fruitful examples for more philanthropic investment and support the development of green-economies, new technologies and even adapt the „war machines“ to serve for growth and prevention of the further natural and human disasters.

In 2019 I was invited to deliver presentation on Dance Arts as a form of Cultural Diplomacy within the current Global discourses and to compose dance choreography for the I Panamerican Dance Congress in Rio de Janeiro. Árvore da Vida2030 was created as a combination of lecture on UN SDGs, focusing on gender roles and transformative potential of art for change.

Artwork Hommage to Schröder Sonnestern´s Moralische Praxis variation by Austrian born international artist and ecological activist Friedensreich Hundertwasser was taken as an essential inspiration for creation of dance choreography.

The title Árvore da Vida2030 (Tree of life) describes a widespread in the world’s mythologies and relates to the concept of the sacred tree which symbolizes immortality and fertility.

The headless women as a main motive of the original painting by Schröder-Sonnenstern and its further development by Hundertwasser was “transformed” by dance performance into agricultural aircraft for hydro seeding, led by female pilot. The story about agricultural female pilot from Brazil Joelize Friedrichs (30) that I have found in an article[2] inspired me to transform the symbolical role of women, associated with „birth giving“ by connecting the gender with profession and transforming the initial motive into agricultural plain.

#Arvore da Vida2030 Poster with image of art work Hundertwasser „Hommage to Schröder-Sonnenstern Moralische Praxis“

Impressed by the role of Joelize Friedrichs as AG Pilot and women in a leading role in her company, I have led me to contact her and report about our project and invite her to share her experiences in our interview.

Our messages were simply exchanged via Instagram and Joelize have kindly accepted my invitation for this interview.

Here we are!

Thank you Joelize for your kind responds and interests to support our initiative by sharing your personal impressions and experiences! Let us start with your profession as Ag Pilot and partner owner of the company where you fly.

Thank you Tatjana! I love the idea of using dance to talk about topics as important as Global Goals.
Dancing brings me beautiful memories of my childhood, of my parents teaching me and my sister to dance, even inside the house, I am very happy to see people like you making use of this beautiful art to do good for the world.

Thank you Joelize! My teachers and people like you inspire me to create projects in which we can connect and unify in our engagement for the mutual prosperity.

Art connects and opens many spaces for meeting, communication, personal reflection on life acts, creations, visions, perspectives. So we could meet and find in common, by Global Goals, Cultural Diplomacy and our people-to-people cultural exchange.

How come that you became AG pilot? Was it your childhood dream?

I come from a humble background, so in my childhood I didn’t dare to dream of being an aviator. At the end of high school in 2007, I did not have high expectations for my future profession but than I´ve heard a conversation about aviation, and it overwhelmed me.

I spoke with my parents about this experience and they took me to the Aeroclub near my hometown.

It was the first time that I saw a real plane next to me and the first time that I took the flight! From that moment I was sure, that piloting is what I want for my life profession. To that time, I was 17 years old. Now, 13 years later, I am still pilot and also become co-owner and partner of the company AgroFly.

What was challenging on your path by becoming a pilot as a female?

The beginning of life in aviation was a little difficult, not because of my gender and age, but because as a young women, I did not have much social contacts beside of my friend circle and family, I had no link to the world of aviation. It was all new to me. However, I was accepted with great affection by the colleagues in the Aeroclub, who become my close friends. And every single day of my life, the planes enchanted me more and more, so no obstacle was big enough to stop me.

My family also had financial difficulties to pay for my course, so after I had a little experience I moved to the north of Brazil, my father paid my rent. To collect flight hours, I worked, cleaning aircraft. But it was all worth it.

Support by family and one´s own dedication are some of your essential pillars for success. What else can be supportive by “becoming your dream”? How about your professional training, lifestyle? Are you practicing some gym to stay “fit”?

Until last year I lived far from home, usually in accommodation on the farm where I flew. So the lifestyle was based on flying, and resting in my spare time. And when I got a few days off, I traveled to visit my family.

In 2019, after many years traveling through Brazil I returned to my hometown. Now I live at my home, in the city of Não-Me-Toque, state of Rio Grande do Sul, in the south of Brazil.

Finally, I enjoy my “normal routine”: I wake up at home, go to work, and at night I’m back home. It doesn’t sound like something special, but when you get used to sleep in accommodations so many kilometers far away from home, that’s a great ”luxury”. Regarding the training, I’m not a big fan of gym, I prefer to practice sports like futsal and volleyball. I also enjoy hiking.

Would you like to share some inspiring moments from your career?

Currently I´m flying the Embraer Ipanema 202. Previously I used to fly other agricultural planes, like Cessna and Pawnee. I believe that the moments that most inspire me, are the moments where I took a wrong step, the moments of difficulty. They shaped me to be who I am today. Such experience happened when I left my parent´s house for the first time and went to the north of the country and ‘threw’ myself into the unknown world without any acquaintance, just starting my job in aviation. These were incredibly difficult days for me, but my family supported and guided me to not give up, to sustain all obstacles.

Another challenging situation, which left strong traces on my self-esteem and confidence, happened due to the failures I had by a flight.

Thanks God I never had a plane crash, but I had some serious technical problems. And from the perception of these failures, to taking the plane safely back to the runway, you need to be very calm, cautious and wise. Those attributes I consider as essential for my all life stages.

In difficult times, calm and wisdom help to get rid of problems and family support have strong impact on my personal growth.

Ein Bild, das Ebene, draußen, gelb, Flugzeug enthält.

Automatisch generierte Beschreibung
Joelize Friedrichs

The Brazilian agricultural aviation fleet sported 2,115 aircraft in 2017, 1.5% more than in 2016. Over the last ten years, growth stands at an impressive 46.2%. (Brazil now lags behind only the United States, which has 3,600 agricultural aircraft, according to the Federal Aviation Administration FAA).[3]

How you perceive the current developments from your field of work, regarding protection of the natural environment, investments into green economy, technology for agricultural use, innovations, progress?

When it comes to agricultural aviation, I am very proud to say that in Brazil we currently have very satisfactory path in relation to preserving the environment, starting with the efficient use of water, for savings. In a survey, I had access to, it shows us that in Brazil around 70 million hectares were applied by airplanes and taking into account that we only use between 6 and 7% of the water that terrestrial equipment uses, the saving of drinking water is very high.

In addition, it is the fact, that environmental inspection of agricultural aviation is strictly regulated, the training of pilots and other professionals working in this area is also based on protection of the environment, in order to reduce any possible damage to nature.

We are in a battle to produce more, without having to increase the production area. This is done through new technologies, new equipment and knowledge that we are always working to expand.

Ein Bild, das draußen, grün, klein, Ebene enthält.

Automatisch generierte Beschreibung
Joelize Friedrichs

Do you have contacts to other agricultural pilots from another countries and which role can play international cooperation for sustainable development and progress in your sector?

Yes! Most of my contacts are from the United States. But I also talk to pilots from Canada and Chile.

In March 2020, eight female pilots were on the cover of the AgAir Update Magazine, and that brought me closer to some of them, I got to know their stories, it was really cool. Capacity building among women from the field can encourage other girls to take advantage and try.

Definitely agree! Together, we create new opportunities and the best is to do it by sharing and exchanging evident examples and to connect!

Have you ever perceived your profession and your work as a contribution to peace, security, growth?

Yes, agricultural aviation is directly related to these issues, since it is essential for large-scale food production. And we can also note that agricultural aviation acts to combat vectors, such as the dengue fever mosquito. Recently, Chile also used agricultural aircraft to combat Covid-19 in its urban areas. Here we can also talk about the importance of the agricultural aviation for the production of renewable fuels like alcohol, and also in the production of fabrics, like cotton.

How you spend your time during the COVID-19 and is your work affected through the restrictions?

I live in a small town and we still have few cases of COVID-19. 

So when I don’t need to work, I try to stay at home, avoiding contact with other people.

As I work in agriculture, my work was not very affected by it. We continue to work, with due care, but I keep coming to the company. But we are attentive, following all health recommendations.

Regarding the health issues and agriculture, at the end of the dance performance and my lecture presentation in Rio de Janeiro, I have donated a Guave-tree to the congress organser Ms. Andrea Raw as a symbolical act for development of our further cooperation and growth of our visions and shared works during the congress sessions. Hundertwasser´s „Hommage on Schröder-Sonnenstern´s Moralische Praxis“ inspired me for the creation of dance composition, so as Hundertwasser´s ecological thought and tree-planting activities across world have set essential ecological aspect into work of art and its impact on life in peace with nature and human world. Hundertwasser has planted more than 150.000 trees across continents,

Guave tree from Tatjana Christelbauer for Andrea Raw by I Panamerican Modern Dance Congress 2019 Rio de Janeiro

Have you ever planted a tree? If so, which one, or which tree is for you most likely?

Talk about trees makes me happy!

I have already planted many trees, including Araucária. This majestic tree is typical of the southern region of Brazil, is protected by law and can last for more than 200 years. It is my favorite tree.

I love to fly and admire the landscapes that are formed by this beautiful tree. I have also seen reports of agricultural aircraft that planted araucaria on a large scale, sowing their seeds in areas of environmental protection.

Ein Bild, das draußen, Baum, Fluss, Wasser enthält.

Automatisch generierte Beschreibung


How you like to spend your free time? Any hobbies?

Well, when I’m not flying or working for the company, I like being with my family, we’re always together. I also love to travel, meet new places and people. I like to meet older people and listen to their stories and life experiences.

How about language and communication? ACD-team is multilingual and we like to share, exchange and connect favourite words, terms, proverbs into one landscape.

Which languages do you speak?

My whole family is of German origin, so at home we still speak a ‚little German‘. I studied the English language for a few years, and I was also able to exercise it on the trips I took. My mother language is Portuguese.

How is your relation to German language? You have mentioned that Your family is still speaking “a little German”. Does it have some special reason, situation when it fit´s better?  Do you have some favourite word in German?

Yes, in fact, my state and also the neighboring state were colonized by Europeans, mostly from Germany, Italy and Holland. So, my german ancestors came along to Brazil, in the time of its colonization. The German language remains on culture of these people, especially older people, even today. In my house and in my whole family, we still speak German, but it is a dialect, called Hunsrückisch.

In the majority, we learn only to speak and understand, we do not learn to read and write the Hunsrückisch. I studied the official German language for a year, but then I had to go flying, and it ended up so I had to stop my study.

I do not have a favorite word in German, but I really do like and love my family’s conversations in German dialect..

Would you like to share your favourite word in Portugese, proverb, song …?

In Portuguese my favourite word is “SAUDADE”. It has no direct English translation. But it does mean that you miss something or someone.

And in this life of distances, SAUDADE is something very present in my life. I miss my family, my friends, the places I met, the planes I flew. And it’s amazing when you overcome the saudade and see, feel, with „new eyes“ what you have missed!

About the English language, I love the Southern American accent. I have very dear friends in Texas US, and I love the way they talk. I love the simplicity of the language. I also love American country music.

My origin is Croatian. I perceive the language as onomatopoetic one, so I like to use diminutive forms by introduction. My favorite word is „Ptičica“ (engl. little bird in diminutive form; pronouncing: : pti+č (tch)+i+ca(“c” like by Pizza )

In german I like the creative word weaveing, such as: Herbstblätterstrauss (autmn leaves bouquet).

We have tackled so many topics, ranging from childhood dream, profession, family life, culture-identity-related topic by language use. There is so much space to exchange such individual perceptions what makes this form of interviewing colourful and interesting! Your personality, life art and profession have inspired me in many ways to share your story with wider audiences!

How is your relation to art? Is any specific form of art practice familiar to you?

About the arts, I have no professional ties to the arts, but we have dances by tradition here. Of course, now during the quarantine, everything is suspended, but a tradition that came with our German ancestors is dance. Dances are held, where German music is played, and everyone dances. My father who taught me to dance.

And also, but now as a tradition of my state, Rio Grande do Sul, we have traditional GAÚCHAS dances (Gaúcho is called who is born in the state of Rio Grande do Sul). Virtually every city in Rio Grande do Sul has a Center for Gaucho Traditions (CTG), and in this place the tradition of our state is cultivated, especially dance. I will send a video of each type of dance, so you can see.

And just out of curiosity, my mother is an artisan.
Makes beautiful works with painting, with wood, restores old items and creates beautiful pieces. She is a perfect artist! I personally like dances from Gaucho traditions. In our community we use to follow German traditions, organise Ball ceremonies. By such festivities, we also use to listen and dance to music from Tirol, Austria: Zillertaler Hochszeitsmarsch!

So interesting! Thank you for sharing! There are even more cultural bridges as we previously could imagine!

Would you like to share your message for young generation, advice for girls, women by their career development, life arts practice, visdom, …?

My message mainly to young girls, who are starting to build their careers is: don’t let gender define you! In case of victories, don’t make them happen because you are women. In case of defeats, don’t say you were defeated because you are women. Make use of your strength as a person, regardless of gender. Study, work with honor on something you really like. Love what you do, and do your best. If you want to be a housewife, do it best way; if you want to be CEO of a big company, do it in the best way, and so for everything you set out to do. Recognition and appreciation results from good service. In my work, especially here in my region, I could succeed and overcome challenging situations by trust building into reliability of my good services. I always try to do my best. My clients are interested in a good service, and that’s what I have to provide. It does not play any role if it’s a man or a woman in charge of the plane. Just the quality of your service!

And remember, defeats teach much more than successes! Surround yourself with good people, be a good human being and love what you do!

Love is definitely a key term for a “good governance” and self-leadership, key to success in any profession, when it comes to provide your best and build trust within all relations, weather within the family, with friends, customers, … by responsible acting and awareness by all means!

Have you ever been in Austria?

Austria-Brazil Bilateral relations began when the Archduchess Leopoldina of Habsburg married the Crown Prince to the throne of Portugal and future Emperor of Brazil, Dom Pedro I. The arrival of Princess Leopoldina to Brazil led to the organization of an Austrian scientific expedition, which, from 1817 to 1835, promoted important effort to list the Brazilian flora and topography.

That is interesting historical background! Unfortunately, I have never been to Austria, or in some country in Europe. It is a dream!

I have been to the United States, Australia and also passed through the United Arab Emirates and some countries here in South America.

You might love to come to Austria! Hopefully we will have the opportunity to welcome you!

Beside of its natural, historical, and cultural beauties, art, architecture, there is also International Aeromeeting AirPower Austria, you might love to attend!

I don’t remember hearing about AirPower Austria. What is it about?

AirPower is an international aeromeeting organized by Austrian military, Red Bull and the Austrian province Steiermark (Styria). The meeting takes place in Zeltweg, Styria, green heart of Austria, since 1997 and is organized in interval of 2-3 years up to 2003.

It will be great to welcome you there, for the next Airpower aeromeeting! With your AG plain hydrating the fields around?!

The Smoke Squadron from Brazil participated in 2016. I have met the pilots there and we took the picture with our first CD-Airshow tours-our project participants and now Airshow Ambassadors who came from Serbia to attend the show.

It would be a dream if I could go there and see all of it! Who knows, maybe next year this will really happen!

I think that we have built nice bridge already, so hopefully the world will sustain the current crisis, and we will definitely find the way to meet in Austria!

Buy the way, You have mentioned that you have previously practiced aerobatic. Is it still relevant and how such “sport” differs from your job as a pilot?

How it works with AG plain?

Actually aerial acrobatics is just something that I really like, and that I ended up distancing myself for a while. But I recently got in touch again and it was wonderful. So maybe in the near future I will invest in it and really learn to fly aerial acrobatics.

Good luck with new challenges and thank you also for accepting my invitation to become ACD-Ambassador for the F*Air initiative and to act as our role model!

Joelize Friedrichs ACD-Ambassador for F*Air-initiative

Thank you JŌ! Obrigada! Vielen Dank! Gutän Ta!

I am sure that your story will inspire young generation across countries, especially girls and women to discover new career opportunities maybe as AG pilots! Hopefully, the further investments will also turn more toward green economy and transformation of destructive vehicles for life and growth!

Servus in Österreich!

25th May 2020

Tatjana Christelbauer, President

ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy



Joelize Friedrichs

[1] Weblink to initiative: https://www.acdvienna.org/f-m-lifearts/f-air/

[2] Source: https://journalofwonder.embraer.com/global/en/90-who-is-the-brazilian-woman-pilot-who-at-age-29-is-excelling-in-agricultural-aviation

[3] Note: The data was presented by the National Agricultural Aviation Companies Union, compiled from information gathered from the Brazilian Aeronautical Registry (RAB) of the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) Source:  http://www.brazil.gov.br/about-brazil/news/2018/02/brazil-has-worlds-second-largest-agricultural-aviation-fleet

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